Looking After Yourself During COVID-19

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These last few weeks have been a turbulent roller coaster for everyone – not only within our own families and towns, but within New Zealand and the world.  Our world has never before experienced a mass shutdown of this nature.  COVID-19 brings anxiety and worry, which of course has a negative impact on our health.  It also brings anxiety and stress to other aspects of life –  job security, reduced income, people separated from their families, our amazing essential workers putting themselves on the front-line for us.  Find out more from the government website here.



As a Physiotherapy and Pilates practice, how can we do our part?

We can help to keep you moving (remember, motion is lotion!), give you exercises, advice and education on keeping aches and pains at bay.  Although we can’t see you in person for a comprehensive assessment and hands-on treatment, we are lucky to live in a world with technology at our fingertips:

  • Telehealth

    • This is an online face-to-face platform (like Skype) which allows us to communicate with you, assess your injury and movement, and provide a treatment plan of exercise and education.  If we feel you would benefit from hands-on therapy, we can give you some alternative ways to achieve this using the likes of a foam roller, trigger point release or with the help of someone in your bubble.
  • Pilates classes online

    • You can still join in and enjoy the benefits of Pilates – the perfect mixture of strengthening, stability and flexibility.  We are running these through the Zoom platform and can even still see you to check you are doing the exercises right!


There are so many things that are out of our control at the moment, so let’s focus on what we CAN control.


What I CAN DO to boost my physical and mental well-being during COVID-19:

Exercise during Covid-19


  • Get outside

    • It seems ironic to say when we are in isolation, but at this stage the Government is allowing walks, runs or bike rides, alone or with bubble members.  And how lucky are we to live in this beautiful spot?  If you do bump into others out and about, remember the 2m rule!  Getting outside, even into your garden, will give you room to move and is good for both physical and mental health.


  • Home work-out

    • Whether you are doing online live workouts with your local gym, online pre-made workouts, Pilates, yoga, stretches, acro-yoga with your family/housemates – keep the body moving and keep it fun too!  You are more likely to want to do it again the next day if you are having fun.
    • 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week is the minimum recommended guideline for cardio exercise (when you’re puffing).



  • Sleep

    • That doesn’t mean napping on and off through the day in your pyjamas whilst watching 15 episodes of Game of Thrones!  Getting adequate, good quality sleep at night allows the body to rest and repair.  The recommendation is 7-9 hours of quality sleep/night.  If our bodies rest and repair as they need, we will feel energised and ready for the day ahead – even if that looks a little different from the norm.  Trying to keep a normal sleeping routine can be helpful, even if you’re not having to get up for work!


  • Eat well

    • Think of your body as your engine, what you put in is what you get out.  Ensure you fuel your body with nutritious and whole food.  Eating well will also help support the immune system, which is vital for fighting off infections and colds.Breathe and relax during Covid-19 outbreak


  • Meditation, mindfulness, breath-work

    • You hear more and more about the amazing benefits of these practices everywhere.  These range from physical and mental health benefits to more meaningful relationships, connections and an increase in gratitude for the small things in life.  During this uncertain time, why not give meditation, mindfulness or some deep diaphragmatic breathing a go and notice any changes to your mood and outlook.


In a time of stress and uncertainty, it’s important we look out for one another – even if this is from afar.

We are here to help you during these times – call 03 443 1711 to book into one of our Pilates classes or to book a Telehealth appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

Keep healthy and kind Wanaka!

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