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From a boost in mood to a longer life, the benefits of exercise are countless!

Being active helps to maintain a healthy weight, and combat health condition or disease.

But sometimes it can be hard to know how much we should be exercising, and what type of exercise is best.



What do the experts say? 

The World Health Organisation recommends that we aim for 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week.  This could mean at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity every day, for at least five days of the week.  If you’re short on time or really deconditioned, brief bursts of exercise can add up throughout the day – for example 3 x 10 minutes stints (That doesn’t sound so bad does it?!).  Muscle strengthening exercises (such as squats, planks and lunges) should be done for 20 minutes, at least twice a week. 


What is ‘moderate’ intensity? 

  • Exercise intensity can be measured by heart rate.  During moderate intensity exercise, you’re at 50 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate.  
  • If this seems too technical, you can use the talk test….you should be able to comfortably chat, but not sing. 


Do I have to go to a gym? 

If the word ‘exercise’ conjures up images of weight machines and lycra, think again!  The best form of exercise is something you enjoy!Gardening

  • Hunting 
  • Gardening 
  • Dancing 
  • Cycling 
  • Household chores (unlikely to be particularly enjoyable but they count) 
  • Playing with your kids


Why should I exercise? 

The evidence for exercise is very strong, with loads of wonderful benefits to your health!

Regular exercise will reduce your risk of: 

  • Death (so that’s gotta be worthwhile!) 
  • Coronary heart disease 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes 
  • Metabolic syndrome 
  • Colon and breast cancer 
  • Depression 
  • Having a hip or vertebral fracture 
  • Obesity 


Trying to fit exercise into a busy schedule can be a challenge, or you feel unsure about how to get started.  Our friendly, experienced physiotherapists here at Central Lakes Physio would be delighted to set you up with a plan of attack to help get you moving!

It’s as easy as booking online or a getting in touch with our lovely reception staff on 03) 443 1711.

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