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Motion is Lotion!

Here at Central Lakes Physio we are regularly asked  “What is the perfect posture?” Often people think of an upright, erect position as the best posture, however this may not necessarily be the case. Lead UK physiotherapist and lecturer, Kieran O’Sullivan, last year highlighted the fact that there is little research linking ‘poor posture’ with […]

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Thoracic outlet

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome – A Pain in the Neck!

Do you ever experience pain or tightness in your neck and shoulder area and have numbness in your hand?  Thoracic Outlet Syndrome could be the cause. Your thoracic outlet is the space between your collar bone and 1st rib where blood vessels and nerves run through going down into your arm and hand. Thoracic Outlet […]

Keep your garden – AND BODY – flourishing!

With spring well underway and summer fast approaching, people are making the most of getting out in the garden.  From mowing the lawns, planting the flower beds or veggie patches, we are moving our bodies and loading the muscles in ways they may have not been used to over the winter months. When gardening you […]

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Knee Osteoarthritis – To Operate or Not?

Did you know that roughly 10% of New Zealanders have osteoarthritis (OA)? This is the most common form of arthritis, predominantly affecting the knee, hip, spine and hand joints. Articular cartilage is the type of protective cartilage which covers the surface of our bones.  It acts as a shock absorber, and provides a smooth surface […]

Hamstring Injuries

‘Hamstrings’ are the collective name for the three big muscles behind our thigh that play a vital role in everyday movement and function. Due to where they attach to our skeleton (the ischial tuberosity ‘sit bone’ and lower leg) they work to extend the hip and bend the knee. Injuries to these muscles are very […]

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Exercise – Nature’s Antidepressant!

  We recently told you of the fantastic benefits that exercise can have on our physical health, and how we can meet the recommended guidelines (check our March’s blog).  But the benefits of exercise on mental health are also huge!   Did You Know? Studies have shown that regular exercise can be as effective as anti-depressant medication in […]

Vocal Physio!   Recently updated !

Do you regularly lose your voice, complain of throat pain, feel strained whilst speaking, or have swallowing issues?  Vocal Physio could help!   What on earth is Vocal Physio? Vocal Physiotherapy is a fairly new and exciting concept in physio practice! It is a specialised therapy which treats the structures of the body which we […]


Why Pilates is Great for Blokes!

Why Pilates is great for Blokes! The word ‘Pilates’ may stir up images of lycra-clad women who order double macchiatos with hot milk, and no foam, and discuss the status of their pelvic floor muscles… But did you know that Pilates was invented by a man, for men? Joseph Pilates was a german trainer who […]

I Like to Move It Move It!

  From a boost in mood to a longer life, the benefits of exercise are countless! Being active helps to maintain a healthy weight, and combat health condition or disease. But sometimes it can be hard to know how much we should be exercising, and what type of exercise is best.     What do […]

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Inflammation around knee

Breaking free from the ‘Ice Age’

Since the 1970’s, the immediate action for acute sports injuries was to follow the RICE principles; Rest Ice Compression Elevation The main aim of this was to prevent and reduce the inflammation response that happens within our tissues when we get injured.  We all believed that reducing the swelling would reduce the extent of the […]