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Back Pain

A study carried out in 2010 found that back pain was the most common cause of disability adjusted life years (DALY) in Australasia. Whilst over this last financial year ACC alone had over 262,000 new claims for soft tissue related back injuries, at a cost of over $300 million dollars. Why is it so common? […]

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Foam Rolling is Awesome

We use foam-rollers heaps at the clinic, for Pilates, for physio and just for fun – but why? Myofascial Release Foam rollers are great for releasing off tight areas in the muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding the muscles).  It’s like having a massage without having to pay anyone!  The benefits of this are: […]

Dry Needling (Trigger Point Needling)

What is Dry Needling? What is Trigger Point Dry Needling? What is Intramuscular stimulation? How does Dry Needling differ from Acupuncture? Does it Hurt? These are some of the various questions I get asked in the clinic when discussing a highly useful and successful treatment technique with many of my clients.   There are two […]

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Breathe Through December Madness!!

Well, December is here again, that time of year when life gets just a little more hectic and crazy.  Between rushing to finish off activities, catching up with friends, preparing for Christmas and summer holidays and hitting the shops when do you get time to breathe? How does all this rushing and stress affect our […]

Work is Actually Good for you???

Maintaining stable employment has been shown to have positive health effects including: sense of community social inclusion contribution to society and family positive life structure physical health benefits of work which is job dependent Work also helps prevent the negative factors associated with lack of employment such as: low mood negative health effects financial issues […]

What is Pilates and Why you Should do it

Many people think that Pilates is a recent fad. However, it originated from a man called Joseph Pilates who was born in 1880 in Germany. Pilates observed that by drawing in our lower abdominal muscles when exercising we create what he called ‘the powerhouse’ – a strong centre.  With a strong ‘powerhouse’ we could then ‘return […]

Returning to Exercise After Having a Baby

Recently we have seen a few women with pelvic floor and postnatal issues, so thought it may be helpful to give some general guidelines around this subject.  Approximately 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men have urinary incontinence issues, so this is a very relevant topic! Often after having a baby, women are […]

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Cancer treatments

Physio for Cancer?

The number of people diagnosed with cancer each year is increasing, but fortunately, survival rates are also increasing.  This means that there is a growing number of people out there who are living with or who have had cancer. When someone thinks of cancer they usually picture doctors, blood tests, hospitals and nurses, but not […]

Introducing Myofascial Release

Most people have a good grasp of bones, muscles, and organs, but few have heard much about fascia, never mind myofascial release.   Fascia is the name for the connective tissue which helps to bind everything together in our bodies. It is a 3D web of fibres which runs in all directions.  Fascia surrounds and […]

Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow…have you been diagnosed, previously treated, know of someone with or who has had tennis elbow?   Probably!  This is a common diagnosis for elbow pain experienced during gripping, lifting, swinging and extending of the elbow joint and or wrist. There may also be a feeling of weakness associated with this elbow pain. Tennis […]