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A study carried out in 2010 found that back pain was the most common cause of disability adjusted life years (DALY) in Australasia. Whilst over this last financial year ACC alone had over 262,000 new claims for soft tissue related back injuries, at a cost of over $300 million dollars.

Why is it so common?

Good question!

If we start with human evolution. We once started out by moving around on all fours and have progressively become upright and moving around on two feet. This means there has been a change in our spinal anatomy, soft tissue structure and functional requirements.

Along with our evolution as a species, our everyday world and the current environments that we live and work in have evolved. We are no longer hunter gathers (using basic hand tools), who spent the majority of their days walking, moving, crouching down.

Then there was the development of the lazy boy, fast food became and is a popular option and we are now computer educated populations. People have office based jobs and sit behind a desk 8 hours a day. Some sit in a vehicle for extended periods of time, others are bent over using machinery/technology and others are doing repetitive lifting.

Now the younger generations are lying in bed or on the couch looking at screens for hours on end without moving muscles other than their hand and thumb muscles.

Soon will come the robot, then what is going to happen to our backs?

Answering that question, there is no simple answer. There is a multitude of factors as to why back pain is so common.

What can we do about it?

Now that is more simple for me to answer… and no it does not mean get down on your hands and feet to walk around on all fours again! But moving, any-thing you do to get yourself moving, that helps. We as physio’s specialise in helping get people moving and keep people moving! Movement is for life.

If you or anyone you know experiences back pain which does not resolve within 48hours after sudden onset, we recommend for you to be assessed by your local physiotherapist or health practitioner. They will screen you for any serious issues going on and refer or treat as appropriate.

Back pain can be caused by a number of structures including the muscles, discs, ligaments and nerves. It has also been shown to be influenced by psychological factors and our memory.

Back pain can be influenced by a multitude of factors and we, as physiotherapists, have a multitude of tools for helping people.

Back pain central lakes physio wanaka

  • We can educate and reassure clients about back pain, how to self-manage and keep one’s self mobile and active
  • We can assess and treat soft tissue and mechanical issues with: massage, acupuncture, dry needling, mobilisation, manipulation, stretching and strengthening.
  • Here at Central Lakes Physio and Pilates we carry out Pilates classes and one on one sessions, for keeping people with back pain mobile. Pilates can help with postural issues, muscle weakness and tension related back pain by re-educating movement patterns.
  • We are also trained providers offering service for people who are off work or returning to work after having a back injury. We can do worksite assessments to see if there are factors in your workplace putting you at risk of back pain or on-going back pain.

We see a lot of back pain here at Central Lakes Physio and all our physio’s are very experienced in this area, please click here to view our staff and their qualification details.

If you would like to book in to see a therapist please click here or call 443 1711


By Ashley Booth

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